Statement of Purpose
       Research indicates that the education which children receive during the early years of childhood is the foundation for learning.  During these years, children need a stimulating environment which will provide them with experiences that will aid in developing their potential.  They need supportive experiences which will help them develop a positive self-concept.
         In view of these facts, Tallmadge Christian Preschool offers a program which provides a ministry of love and support to our young children and their parents.  In a Christian environment each child is respected as a unique creation of God who is free to explore their world and receives guidance in participating in activities in which they are able to experience success.  Appropriate learning experiences is planned for each day at the child’s developmental level.  The day is structured in such a way as to include large group activities as well as play and small group interest centers and learning activities.
Goals we strive to meet each day
  • To provide opportunities for Christian learning of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through Bible Stories, worship, and informal living-learning experiences.
  • To provide opportunities and activities to help the children have a healthy self-concept which includes accepting themselves, their limitations, and the talents God has given them.
  • To provide guidance as the child becomes less self-centered and starts taking part in small group and large group activities.


Director, Katie Bungard

Katie has been with Tallmadge Lutheran Church since 2003 as the Director of King’s Kids Before and After school Program. August 2015, she became the director of the preschool as well as King’s Kids.

      She has a bachelor’s in Early Childhood Development with a minor in Family Development.
Katie loves being apart of each child’s life and watching them grow each day.


Teaching Team
3-4 year Old Class
Mrs. Jessica Sterling
Lead Teacher
Mrs. Kim Osburn
Assistant Teacher
4-5 year Old Class
Mrs. Debbie Luggelle
Lead Teacher
Ms. Amy Welty
Assistant Teacher
Pre-K Class

Mrs. Kristi Durfee

Lead Teacher

Mrs. Sandi Malish
Assistant Teacher