TCP Calendar


Tuesday 5th/Wednesday 6th Tuesday 5th

Wednesday 6th

Wednesday 13th

Thursday 14th

Wednesday 27th

September Tuition Due

PreK, T/Th 4’s & T/Th 3’s First Day MWF 4’s & W/F 3’s First Day

School Picture Day for PreK, MWF 4’s & W/F 3’s School Picture Day for T/Th 4’s & T/Th 3’s

Chipotle Night Fundraiser


Monday 2nd/Tuesday 3rd Wednesday 11th

Friday 13th

Monday 16th

Friday 27th

Monday 30th

Tuesday 31st

October Tuition Due

Lockdown Drill

No School- NEOEA Day

No School

W/F 3s Halloween Party

MWF 4s Halloween Party

PreK, T/Th 4s & T/Th 3s Halloween Party


Wednesday 1st/Thursday 2nd

Tuesday 7th

Wednesday 8th

Thursday 16th

Friday 17th

Monday 20th


Monday 20th – Friday 24th

Monday 27th

November Tuition Due

T/Th 4s & T/Th 3s Zoo Mobile

PreK, MWF 4s, & W/F 3s Zoo Mobile

T/Th 4s & T/Th 3s Thankful Celebrations

PreK, MWF 4s & W/F 3s Thankful Celebrations

Mandatory Parent/Teacher Conferences (No Class)

No School – Thanksgiving Break

School Resumes

Monday 4th/Tuesday 5th

Sunday 10th

Wednesday 20th

Thursday 21st


Friday 22nd- Friday, Jan. 5th

December Tuition Due

Christmas Program

MWF 4’s & W/F 3’s Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration

PteK, T/Th 4’s & T/Th 3’s Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration

No School- Christmas Break


Monday 8th/Tuesday 9th

Monday 15th

Thursday 25th / Friday 26th

January Tuition Due/School Resumes

No School – Martin L ther King Day

Dino Tea Party


Thursday 1st / Friday 2nd

Monday 5th

Thursday 8th 

Tuesday 13th

Wednesday 14th

Friday 16th                     

Monday 19th

February Tuition Due

Art Show (Evening)

Lockdown Drill

T/Th 4’s & T/Th 3’s Valentine’s Party

PreK, MWF 4’s & W/F 3’s Valentine’s Day Party

No School

No School – President’s Day


Monday 4th/Tuesday 5th

Wednesday 13th

Thursday 14th

Thursday 21

Friday 22nd


Monday 25th-Monday April 1st

March Tuition Due


MWF 4’s & W/F 3’s St. Patrick’s Day Activities

PreK, T/Th 4’s & T/Th 3’s St. Patrick’s Day Activities

T/Th 4’s & T/Th 3’s Easter Celebration

PreK, MWF 4’s & W /F 3’s Easter Celebration

Optional Parent/Teacher Conferences

No School- Spring Break


Tuesday 2nd/Wednesday 3rd

Thursday 11th

Friday 12th

Sunday 28th

April Tuition Due/School Resumes

T/Th 4’s & T/Th 3’s Alpaca Field Trip

PreK, MWF 4’s & W/F 3’s Alpaca Field Trip

Friendship Sunday



Wednesday 1st/Thursday 2nd

Friday 3rd

Thursday 9th

Friday 10th

May Tuition Due

Evacuation Drill

T/Th 4’s & T/Th 3’s Last Day/Graduation

PreK, MWF 4’s & W/F 3’s Last Day/Graduation

**Preschool Calendar follows Tallmadge City Schools District Calendar and is subject to change**